Bond Cleaning Brisbane

                Cleaning is the last thing you want to worry about when moving house. Though if you want your bond back you’re either going to have to put in some elbow grease and do it yourself, or arrange for a professional service. Given that the bond is usually about a month’s rent most people are not willing to forgo the money. But if you can’t do the cleaning yourself, and given all the others matter to arrange when moving this is quite likely, then arranging a cleaning service is a good option. The cost of the cleaning service will certainly be less than a month’s rent, and if there is an issue the needs fixing the cleaning service will arrange for it to be done as part of their service.  People who undertake the end-of-lease cleaning them selves risk overlooking something that the landlord deems important; and risk losing the money even after making an effort with the cleaning.

                Using a cleaning service to get your bond back is really spending a little to save a lot. You can employ cleaners by the hour, or you can find a package deal that is appropriate to the house you’re moving out of. The package deal is almost always the better option; it tends to have a guarantee where the cleaners come back to fix any complaints from the owners, and if the cleaning process takes more than a day to complete you are coming out ahead. If you take a package deal you know there will be no more money to be spent on cleaning. Whereas if you had taken a day off work to do it yourself you actually end up losing income.

                The most overlooked issue here is just what need to be cleaned. Experienced cleaners know what owners, agent and landlords look for; previous tenants can easily miss this. Even if they are thorough with what they do clean there is a great risk that the will have missed something the landlord’s consider important.


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